Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Coming NOW to a Bookstore Near You!

The Therapist’s New Clothes is now being printed through Lightning Source as well as by my old standby, the Espresso Book Machine. This means it will carried by the major book distributors and you can order it through any bookstore—or suggest that a bookstore or library carry it! I am told it looks just the same but the cover is glossy rather than matte. I will check it out tomorrow when I give a reading at the Northshire.

This new distribution is all in the realm of the theoretical since I haven’t seen any links or actual sales; everything has to be handled through the store or library ordering. So if anyone sees the book on a store’s website or is able to order it successfully please let me know so I can start to make sense of how this works.

Here are various and sundry book-related posts that have surfaced in recent weeks:

--An interview in The Miami Health Examiner

--An interview on the blog My Faith Project

--A piece in the apparently controversial Self-Publishing Review

--A piece in the SPAN newsletter

Too much abstraction makes me crave something tangible. Here is an heirloom tomato ripening in our garden.

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  1. Congratulations, Judith. Best wishes for breakthrough sales with the new book!